Native Collagens belong to a new generation product family, one of the greatest recent skin care sensations. 


Collagen is isolated from fish skin, as helices, at its molecular development stage. It is the only globally known natural set of peptides freely penetrating the epidermal barrier. Collagen is a “youth protein”, constituting more than 30% of human protein mass and as much as 70% of skin proteins. Together with elastin, it creates a flexible net in the dermis, which ensures its elasticity and firmness, binds water and lipophilic substances as well as determines the condition of connective tissue, reflecting, in fact, the condition of the whole organism. At the molecular stage our collagen is transdermal, which is a feature not to be found in giant hydrolysed collagen particles, and its structure is almost identical to that of the human collagen.Native Collagens are anti-aging products which, unlikethousands of other face creams, eliminate the causes, not just the effects. Wrinkles are caused mainly due to collagen depletion.

Fine and deep wrinkles, discolouration, loss of firmness, and sagging are all symptoms of skin ageing.


We have created the Anti-Ageing range by combining the latest achievements in biotechnology with the proven benefits of collagen. Our products’ advanced and innovative formulas aim to work effectively in all skin layers, stimulating its renewal, evening the tone, and protecting it against harmful effects of free radicals. With this effective care, your skin will look healthier and younger like never before.

Regular moisturisation is necessary for maintaining the skin in perfect condition and for delaying the ageing processes – that is why we have created the HYDRO range.


We have combined the abundance of luxurious, state-of-the-art active components with the benefits of biologically active collagen, which distinguishes Colway products. Hydro range will fulfil your dreams of perfect, moisturised skin on your face and body. You will enjoy its natural beauty now and in the future.

Nature astonishes us with its priceless richness. It also gives us an opportunity to create top-quality care products.


That is how the Natural line has come into existence. Our cosmetics comprehensively support the processes of renewal while also providing strength and nourishment to the skin and protecting it against harmful external factors. We have used unique methods of obtaining active ingredients, such as supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, which allows to extract the absolute out of the organic world. Just like nature restores its inexhaustible resources, you may take care of your beauty in a similarly natural way.

Colway International offers globally unique food supplements. We make every effort to ensure that our products are always composed of 100% natural ingredients with fully guaranteed beneficial impact on the human organism.


They stand out with their quality and unique selection of substrates as well as the production technology. Numerous substances, being thoroughly pioneering in the field of supplementation, are used in our products. From the very beginning, innovativeness and discovery of natural perfection have been Colway’s key values and they continuously inspire us to create new unique supplementary products for you. Feel great with Colway!


When a child is born, we want the world around him or her to be a friendly and safe place.


So, we try to do our best to be close, be tender, and take the best care. This is what skin care for babies should be like: delicate, yet effective. The skin of a baby is not fully mature. The epidermis is thin and due to insufficient natural moisturisation it loses water easily. It is also less immune to external factors and dirt. For baby care and hygiene we have created the unique Baby Care range of products.


The Home Care product range follows the Colway wellness philosophy. Your home is your place of resting and relaxation.


Your family retreat. Take care of your and your close relatives’ health, using natural and ecological products, which allow you to show concern for your surroundings in an easy and pleasant way. Today you have a chance to use non-toxic and safe products at home. Take care of your well-being — it is so easy.








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